Why Edit

Alongside my interiors business I have a slow fashion brand which is part of an ever growing slow fashion movement. The principles I apply to interiors I also apply to fashion, mainly buy less and buy better and keep only what you need and love, according to your lifestyle. Many of us, without realising it, buy clothes for a fantasy life we will never lead. 

I adore clothes and in the past have been guilty of buying far too many. A few years ago, my mother died and left me all her belongings, and this included many wardrobes of clothes. There were multiples of the same item, and many unworn and lovely things. It made me consider what I would be leaving to my own children and I determined that I would reassess my own attitude to the consumption of clothes and I downsized my own wardrobe by half and changed the way I shop. I then realised that my own experience could help others.  

I now help clients to assess their lifestyle and the reality of what they need in terms of clothing. I help them see what they do and don't need and in turn see them fall in love with things they had forgotten about, perhaps stuffed down the back of the wardrobe, neglected. I help them part ways with clothes which are too old, don't fit, can't be mended and need to be moved on and I also work to build confidence in clients who aren't sure about what suits them or what they need. 

The Wardrobe Edit 

I'm happy to work in a way which suits you. From a simple edit of your sock drawer to a walk in wardrobe which is out of control, my services are flexible. We can work at your pace and I will work alongside you. 

I will never make you throw something out but I will reflect back to you honestly so that you can make your own informed decisions. It can be incredibly useful to have someone with you to do this with. 

I am sensitive to where you are at. It may be you've lost your confidence with your clothes or maybe you never had any to start with. Perhaps you aren't sure where to buy certain things, perhaps you feel you shouldn't buy anything at all, perhaps you have a problem with buying too much. The range of emotions around clothing is huge and this is not just about chucking stuff out, it's about helping you discover a new way of thinking and shopping and loving what you have. 

After the Edit

  • Once a wardrobe of clothes has been edited, I can give practical advice on how to restyle what you have left and where the gaps are in your wardrobe. 
  • I can help you write a list of 'approved' items and show you how to shop wisely and for longevity and how to manage your future consumption of clothes. Having a second business in fashion, I am familiar with the high street and the many sustainable brands now available should you wish to shop ethically.
  • As an additional service I can set up a style file as an easy reference of outfits you can create from your wardrobe and which you can use as a 'go to' reminder. 
  • I can also advise on how and where to store your clothes and if you need new storage designed, this is where the interior design service takes over.