Why Edit 

Many clients when they engage my Interior design services ask me to design storage solutions for them when in reality they have too many belongings. A refurbishment is a great time to reconsider what is of value and what can be moved on, so before I start designing I am happy to work with clients to assess and pare back what they own and then we can move forward with designing or restyling. Some clients then find they don't need further storage.

I love to work alongside clients to edit their home because the results can be spectacular for both the interior space and the client without even having to redesign it. It is money well spent for a client and delivers a great sense of satisfaction along with a new appreciation of home. We hold on to things for all sorts of reasons, price, sentimental value, or just in case we need them. We duplicate things we own, sometime without realising it and we live in an age of vast consumption and accumulation.

It's easy to lose sight of how much we have and to forget how little we actually need. It can be extremely helpful to have someone with you who can reflect back to you what is important because a home should be full of the things which matter most to you and should allow you to live in a calm environment. 

The Interior Edit

  • I will work alongside you and at your pace and I am happy to tackle any area of your home, be it a few drawers or a kitchen, or a whole house. It's best to start off small and progress to larger areas.

  • I will never make you throw something out but I will reflect back to you honestly so that you can make your own informed decisions and discover what it is you value. It can be incredibly useful to have someone with you to do this with.

  • I am sensitive to the emotional attachments we can develop to our belongings so this is not just about chucking stuff out, it's about helping you discover a new way of thinking and accumulating and being able to part with the stuff cluttering up your life so that you can get on with living with what you really want around you.

  • We can find new ways to store, display and organise what you already have to make your home truly reflective of you and to create a more mindfully curated space.